Since 1992 the main activity of the company Inter Business’91 Ltd. is the sale of laboratory equipment and supply of reagents and consumables in Bulgaria. We realize sales in the fields of clinical microbiology, biochemistry, hematology, coagulation, imunology, hospital equipment.

Up to the present the amount of total sales, realized by Inter Business’91 Ltd., exceed 1200 apparatuses, as the company has been awarded many times contracts for supply of medical consumables, diagnostic tests, reagents and equipment, and has performed contracts concluded with healthcare establishments of “national” category, and also with private medical centers and hospitals. Our clients presently exceed the number of 400.

On many occasions the company has been a contractor under public tenders of the Ministry of Health, co-financed by the World Bank, for the supply of ECG apparatuses and operating tables.

The company staff is comprised of highly qualified specialists – engineers and product managers, who execute the installation, the maintenance, and the guarantee and post-guarantee service of the offered medical apparatuses and equipment. In order to assure as much effective service as possible, we have concluded outsourcing contracts with engineers from other specialized companies in the respective field. Upon receiving of a failure notification, from any location in the territory of the country, an engineer makes an on-site visit and corrects the failure within a 24-hour term.

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