Pregnabit- telemedical fetal monitor

Inter Business 91 Ltd is an official distributor of Pregnabit (product of Nestmedic) - the remote pregnancy tracking system. An innovative product developed on the principle of telemedicine.


Pregnabit is innovative, mobile telemedical system, used to perform wireless CTG, cardiotocographic tests, monitoring the fetal well-being. 

Pregnabit includes a telemedical (teleCTG) device which facilitates obtaining, in a safe way, accurate medical data by means of certified sensor plates. This device sets out a new trend where diagnostics and prevention in perinatal care are high on the agenda. Outstanding accuracy of the test readings and user-friendliness enables a wide range of commercial applications of the Pregnabit solution. 

Another element of the comprehensive telemedical Pregnabit system is the Telemonitoring Medical Center which operates 24/7 where highly qualified medical staff analyze CTG readings as they arrive. Thanks to this we are able to render top-level medical services because apart from a professional medical device we also provide the service of wireless CTG reading analysis thanks to which a pregnant woman can perform a CTG test in a comfortable and secure way anyplace and anytime.